Dare to Disagree

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June 24, 2020  

Dare to Disagree - meet the happy couple who disagree on ‘almost’ everything

Meet Heather, a left-wing feminist from the north of England, and Jordan, a right-wing conservative from the USA. They're in a committed relationship and love each other dearly, yet disagree on 'almost' everything. In this episode, Io and Tony find out how embracing disagreement has helped them to understand each other better, how it brought them together in the first place, and what advice they have for couples who discover they have opposing views on issues they care about, like Brexit.

June 6, 2020  

Dare to Disagree - meet the lawyer who confronts his biases by arguing against his own beliefs

In this episode, hosts, Io and Tony, talk to lawyer, Surya Kumaravel, about the stereotypes of being a debater at university before pursuing a career in the law. We also talk about whether people who come across debate clubs at school or university find them inclusive or not.

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